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The Nano Difference 

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The worldwide scenario is gradually changing, producers are moving towards the use of Nano-Enhanced fertilizers, macro and micronutrients and other specialty products designed to improve organic structures. 


Nano-Technology has proved to be a better sustainable solution to meet production targets, while maintaining the environmental quality by use of less quantity of raw materials and active ingredients. The increased nutrient use-efficiency by plants improves regenerative soil health objectives, crop quality, yield and the environment.

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New 3rd generation nanotechnology improves performance and delivery, enabling product penetration within 60 seconds!


Nano Technology is the precise manipulation of matter on an atomic and molecular scale level. Our nano particles are shaped, nanoscopically engineered and linked, with the capability of enhancing active ingredients by fusion and cross-linking ionic exchange. The delivery of the nano-enhanced ingredients is deep into the active amino acid-producing enzyme tissue locations. 

We now have the ability to PARTICLE FEED our crops!

Foreground Focus on a Range of a Lab-Grown Cultured Vegetables_ Peas, Tomatoes, Sweet Pepp

​Professional Assessments 

Uptake Ag utilizes scientifically data to properly evaluate your soil and crop input needs. We can offer customized solutions to your operation. 

Loamy soil that is rich in man's hands and has iconic technology about soil nutrients that
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